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Attention New Families:

  • Website Log In information is found in the welcome email. Reach out to Kim at with issues or if additional adults want a log in ID.
  • Reminder: EVERYONE needs to turn in NEW health forms for ANYONE who may attend events.
  • Want to join our Pack? Register here:


    Welcome to Pack 125's website! **You can find a QR code in the attachments below to connect to our Membership Application site!**
    We welcome boys and girls in grades K-5th! We have a den for each grade and trained, excited leaders.
    Want more information? For an overview of Scouting, watch this video. Please see our About Us & How to Join page to REGISTER HERE and to learn more about Pack 125 or join us at an upcoming Meeting or Recruitment Night. Scroll down to bottom of page to get an idea on the cost of scouting.

    Use the CONTACT US link on the Menu to the left or contact our Membership Chair Kim Webb at / 352-870-8696.

    We have a BIG year planned:

  • Camping, Fishing, Archery!
  • STEM Projects
  • Community Service
  • Overnight Adventures at Sea World, Daytona 500, Roger Dean Chevrolet Baseball Stadium
  • Workshops at Cox Science Center & Lion Country Safari
  • Sporting Events with the Panthers, Florida Marlins, Miami Heat, Inter Miami CF, and Miami FC
  • 2022-2023 Pack Calendar
    • Pack meetings are the 3rd Thursday of the month at Binks Elementary School.
    • Den Meetings are at the discretion of the leaders and take place at various locations in Wellington: Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade all meet on Wednesdays at different locations; 5th grade meets on Thursday.

    Pack Events: Every Pack meeting is a fun event, but we go beyond that and do awesome field trips, Scouting adventures, and of course camping!
    • Pack Campouts - at least 4 per year!
    • Scout Night @ Roger Dean Stadium
    • CLAW @ Cox Science and Aquarium Center
    • Archery & Shooting Sports
    • Wellington Holiday Parade - build a float & walk the parade!
    • Lion Country Safari Workshop "Scouting in the Wild" and SeaWorld Overnight Adventure
    • Pinewood Derby & Raingutter Regatta

    Pack Service Projects
    • Binks Forest Elementary Carnival
    • Butterfly Garden with Wellington Garden Club
    • Wreaths Across America & Flags for Fallen Vets
    • Messengers of Peace Award: Project Linus Handmade Blanket Donations
    • Annual Tree Planting for Wellington
    • Scouts Trash the Trash Day
    • The Great American Clean Up with the Village of Wellington
    • Annual Tree Planting for Wellington

    Some Special Awards our Scouts will earn this year:
    • Messengers of Peace
    • International Spirit Award
    • World Conservation Award
    • Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award
    • STEM NOVA Awards
    • National Parks Scout Ranger Award

    Welcome New Members! The fun starts here!
    Make the first place you go for information about den and pack activities. Once you log in, you can access calendar information, den and pack information, and links to useful resources, as well. You will also be able to sign-up for pack activities and pay here too! Use the Den Filter to show just your Den's announcements and events.

    All parents will receive an email with their User ID and password. If you didn't receive one, or if you need help signing on, please use the Contact Us link for assistance.

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    Storefronts for October 21-23 are canceled

    Posted on Sep 19 2022 - 8:17am

    The Pack's first campout is October 21-23 at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation so we will not be able to run storefront shifts that weekend. The shifts have been canceled.

    Cub Scout Duty to Country

    Posted on Sep 19 2022 - 7:27am

    Honor Flight welcomes veterans home at PBIA - Pack 125 doing a good turn! Thank you to all the families that provided this important service to our veterans! You represented us well!

    Popcorn Storefronts Start this weekend!

    Posted on Sep 11 2022 - 9:08pm

    Class A Uniforms are required at storefront sales!

    Haven't joined the Trails-End App yet?
    Text APP to 62771
    We are PACK 125 (not Troop!!)

    If you are having trouble, email!


    ANY SCOUT / ANY RANK can sign up for all weekends now:

  • Weekend 1: Sept 17-18
  • Weekend 2: Sept 23-25
  • Weekend 3: Sept 30-Oct 2 -
  • Weekend 4: Oct 7-9:
  • Weekend 5: Oct 14-16:
  • Camping Oct 21-23 - No Storefronts
  • Weekend 7: Oct 28-30
  • Weekend 8: Nov 4-5
  • Go to the Trails-end app (info at and look for 'storefront sales'! Shifts range from 9 am to 7 pm (depending on the location).

    *4 Storefront Shifts / $450
    *Stretch Goal: $650
    *SeaWorld Overnight Adventure: $1250
    *Other Prize Points: $100 in Sales, Sales on all 3 platforms (wagon, online, storefront), Work 4 Storefronts, $1000 in Sales, and many more!
    There will be ways for everyone to earn prizes!

    GET A PRIZE AT THE SEPT 22nd PACK MEETING for being REGISTERED on the Trails-End App.
    GET A 2nd PRIZE for having a SET GOAL on the Trails-End App.

    The main goal is PARTICIPATION! That's what we expect from everyone - just to participate! So let's get out there and DO OUR BEST to represent Cub Scouting and Pack 125!

    Attached below:
    *Popcorn at a Glance sheet - has important popcorn dues dates and selling tips
    *trails-end instructions on how to accept payments, place orders, and reserve shifts.

    Reach out to Jeff or Tonya if you have questions!

    Health Forms are needed for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS!

    Posted on Sep 6 2022 - 11:29am

    BSA Health Forms (attached below) are needed for EVERYONE that participates in ANY Scout event outside of the St. Peter's Fellowship Hall. That includes the SCOUT and ALL FAMILY MEMBERS. Cub Scouts only require Parts A and B to be completed (for everyone in the family).

    You will not be allowed to attend ANY campout without updated forms on file.
    These forms are kept by the Membership Chair in safe location. They are not accessible to anyone who is not registered and trained and do not leave the Chair's possession without your knowledge. Your information will remain confidential - only allergies and the permission to administer medication will be relayed to the appropriate leader in your den.

    One week prior to any campout, health forms will be verified a final time and anyone who has not submitted one will be refunded (minus 10% due to registration costs) and not allowed to attend.

    The form needs to be completed in its entirety. Please note the following items that are often overlooked in completing these forms: Part A (page 1) - Parent signature needed; At least one adult needs to be listed as able to pick the Scout up from an event. Part B2 - Administration of non-prescription medication like Tylenol or Benadryl (creams included!) - select YES or NO. If it is not checked YES and signed, it is a NO and no medication will be administered.

    Note: AOLs will need Part C (signed by a doctor) to cross into a Troop. It will need be dated between January and March 2023.

    Pack 125 turns 35!

    Posted on Sep 4 2022 - 9:03pm

    It has been 35 years since the Men's Group at St. Peter's United Methodist Church chartered Pack 125!

    In 1987, "Walk Like An Egyptian" was the #1 song in America, it only cost $600,000 for a 30-second Super Bowl ad, and red M&Ms were back after being being banned for 11 years!

    During the 80s, the new Boy Scout uniform was designed by Oscar de la Renta which was good news for Cub Scouts because the year before Pack 125 was born, Webelos were first given the option to wear the "older boy" tan uniform!

    In 1987, the two-year Webelos program was introduced when Bear rank was introduced as a third grade program. In 1989 the first 2nd-year Webelos dens were formed for fifth graders only.

    In 1987, there were 5,347,098 Scouts in the BSA and Cub Scouts.

    We have been through many changes in Scouting over these 35 years -

  • We welcomed girls!
  • We survived a world-wide pandemic!
  • We were loved and shaped and nourished by 19 Cubmasters and their dedicated Committees.
  • We have grown in size and in strength over these 35 years and we are seen as pillars of our community.
  • We continue to learn and teach, help and have fun, make friends and make a difference.
    I could not be more proud to be a part of this amazing Pack and cannot wait to see what else we can accomplish!

    To celebrate all of this amazing history, we will wear a BSA Veteran Unit Bar on our Class A Uniforms - proudly showing our 35 years of service, commitment, and comradery in Wellington, in the Everglades District, and in Gulf Stream Council. Here's to next 35 years!

    We need 2-liter bottles!

    Posted on Aug 28 2022 - 11:36pm

    Pack 125 NOVA Counselor Kim Webb is running an awesome STEM event at the September 24th Be A Scout Day event at Tanah Keeta and we need 2-liter bottles! Please save these bottles from the recycling bins! Reach out to or and we will make arrangements to pick them up!

    Want to help at the event?? We could use the help - we will be launching water rockets! Contact Kim or Tonya.

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